Voigtländer Vitessa N w/Ultron  50mm f2 /Leather pouch (CLA’d)

Cleaned rangefinder camera in [Excellent], tested and fully working condition.
Comes with the original leather pouch two filters, the lens hood and the manual (GER)

The camera was fully serviced (CLA) and checked by ACR.

Work that has been done:
– Overhauled shutter mechanism and speeds calibrated.
– Cocking and release mechanism cleanend and lubricated.
– Rangefinder cleaned and focus calibrated
– General clean and check.

The camera is tested with film.
Scroll images for examples.

There are a few signs of use.
Small scratches and marks.
Very clean and clear viewfinder with correctly set rangefinder.
Pretty clean inside.
Over all for its age the camera is in nice and clean condition.
Tiny cleaning scratches in the front element. (Has no negative effect on the image quality).
No fungus, no fog and normal dust inclusions in the lens.
No oil on the aperture or shutter blades.

The Vitessa is an innovative 35mm folding rangefinder camera made by Voigtländer in the 1950s. The folding bed of earlier folders is replaced by a barn-door assembly.
Focusing is operated by the user’s right thumb via a wheel on the back of the top plate, with a distance dial, scale focus pictograms, (and depth-of-field scale) on top of the wheel. The film advance, which cocks the shutter automatically, is operated with a large plunger rod sticking out of the top plate, that can be pushed down when the camera is folded. The unique barn-doors led to the camera being nick-named ‚Scheunentor‘ (barn) in Germany. There are other nicknames of Vitessa, like ‚Lighthouse‘, after the unique plunger rod.
The Vitessa shows a superb quality fit and finish, Its design and mechanics are unique in its class, like Voigtländer Prominent’s unique design. Some say the Voigtländer Vitessa is the most elegant 35mm Folder camera. The Vitessa range has several versions and models.
A number of variations were made to the camera during its production. The very first models did not have strap lugs nor automatic parallax correction. The most expensive models had a 50mm f/2 Ultron (6 elements in 4 groups) lens, the others a 50mm f/3.5 or f/2.8 Color-Skopar (4 elements in 3 groups) , they share a push-on filter and lenshood diameter of 34.5mm. Vitessas were equiped with a Compur-Rapid or Synchro-Compur shutter with speeds 1 – 1/500 second, plus ‚B‘, with later models using the EV system which links the aperture and shutter scales, so that once a combination of these has been set, the camera can rapidly be moved between equivalent exposure combinations; a system popular in the 1950s.

Please take a close look at the pictures.

Price: 550CHF
Shipping Switzerland: 9CHF
Shipping International: Max. 47CHF
Status: Available