Olympus Trip 35 w/Bag

Cleaned viewfinder camera in [Excellent], tested and fully working condition.
Comes with a bag and the original strap.

Not many signs of use. Small scratches and marks. Mainly on the bottom.
A little patina on the focus ring.
Normal dust in the viewfinder and sensor.
Very clean inside with good lightseals.
No fungus, no scratches in the lens. Normal dust inclusions.
No oil on the aperture blades.

The Trip 35 is a 35mm compact camera, manufactured by Olympus.
It was introduced in 1967. The Trip name is a reference to its intended market—people who wanted a compact, functional camera for holidays. Now days more used in street or fun Photography
The Trip 35 is a point and shoot zone focus model with a 40 mm f2.8 lens, solar-powered selenium light meter, and just two shutter speeds.
In ‚A‘ mode, the camera operates as a Program automatic, choosing either 1/40 s or 1/200 s. In flash sync mode, the shutter is set at 1/40 s.
Apart from a simple four-position zone focus system, and an ISO setting from 25 to 400, the camera have no other photographic controls.
Its lens is a very sharp, coated Zuiko 40 mm ƒ/2.8, with four elements in three groups.
Please take a close look at the pictures.

Price: 190CHF
Shipping Switzerland: 9CHF
Shipping International: Max. 37CHF
Status: Sold