Olympus 35SP w/Leather Pouch

Cleaned rangefinder camera in [Excellent+], tested and fully working condition.
Comes with the original Leather pouch, a new strap from Restrapo and a lens cap.

Work I have done on this camera:
– Custom wood cover.
– Cleaned and calibrated Rangefinder
– Light seals replaced
– Checked mechanics and electronics.
– General clean

The camera is tested with film.

There are not many signs of use.
Almost no small scratches and marks.
A dent on the top left side.
Cleaned and very clear viewfinder with correctly set rangefinder and almost no dust.
Very clean inside with new light seals.
Overall the camera looks very clean.
No scratches, no fog, no fungus and almost no dust inclusions in the lens.
No oil on the aperture or shutter blades.

The Olympus 35SP is a 35 mm rangefinder camera manufactured by Olympus in Japan from 1969 to 1976. It claimed to be one of the best fixed lens 35mm rangefinder ever made.
Olympus SP is a sophisticated and high-quality camera.
It has e very sharp and fast lens with a very bright viewfinder with a accurate and clear rangefinder patch.
Unique among 35mm rangefinders, the SP featured a dual metering system, with both spot and center-weighted readings (though not a through-the-lens meter). Its compactness relative to SLRs of comparable ability remains a strong point in its favour among enthusiasts.

–  Lens: E. Zuiko 42mm f1.7, 7 elements in 4 groups
–  Focus range: 0.85 meters to infinity
–  Shutter Speeds: B, 1–1/500
–  Aperture Range: f/1.7–22 for auto exposure, f/1.7–16 for manual mode
–  Automatic Exposure Control: Fully automatic program exposure, EV 5.5–17 in ISO 100
– Exposure Meter: dual system, center-weighted or 6 degree spot metering, EV 3–17 in manual mode.
– Filter Size: 49mm
– Film Speed Scale: ISO 25–800
– Size: 129mm × 76mm × 61mm
– Weight: 600 g.
– Battery: PX625 1.35 volt mercury cell

The original battery PX625 (1.35V mercury cell) is no longer available, as it is prohibited.
The Replacement is a WeinCell MRB625 1.35V Battery.
Or  for example a Vatra V625U (1.5V). With this, the exposure must be corrected by approx. – or + 1EV (half ISO Stop).
You can also use hearing aid Batteries 1.4V or a Wein Cell MRB675 with an adapter.
The Film test was shot with a 1.5V battery and no exposure correction.

Please take a close look at the pictures.

Price: 380CHF
Shipping Switzerland: 9CHF
Shipping International: Max. 37CHF
Status: Available