Nikon FA Body

Cleaned camera in [Mint-], tested and fully working condition.
Comes with a body cap, strap extensions and the manual (german).

The camera is tested with film by sweet samilazaar

The camera has almost no signs of use.
One small dent and scratches on the bottom.
The ring on the viewfinder is missing some rubber.
A scratch on the hot shoe. Otherwise the camera is in very good condition.
Very clean inside with new light seals and mirror damper.
Little dust behind the finder glass.
Clean focusing screen.
The Battery compartment is clean.
A tiny shutter noise.

If you are looking for a lens. Let me know and contact me via the contact form.

Please take a close look at the pictures.

Price: 280CHF
Shipping Switzerland: 9CHF
Shipping International: Max. 47CHF
Status: Sold