Nikon F4e w/Nikkor AF 24mm f2.8 D

Cleaned autofocus SLR camera in [Excellent], tested and fully working condition.

Comes with:
– Nikkor AF 24mm f2.8 D (front cap, rear cap)
– Nikon MB-23 High Speed Battery Pack, with additional vertical shutter release button.
– Body cap

The camera has just a few signs of use.
Small scratches and marks.
Some larger marks and patina on the bottom battery pack.
A larger scratch on the top of the prism.
Otherwise the camera looks pretty clean.
The interchangeable prism (DP-20) is very clean and has only a few dust inclusions.
Very clean focus screen (Type E).
Very clean inside with perfect light seals and mirror damper.
The Battery compartment is clean.

If you would like to have the body without the lens. Let me know and contact me via the contact form.

The Nikon F4 is a 35 mm autofocus SLR film camera, introduced in 1988 as the next generation in Nikon’s line of F series professional cameras. The F4 was the first professional Nikon to feature a practical autofocus system. The F4 is able to accept any of Nikon’s manual focus (MF) or AF lenses from 1959 to the present day (but won’t be able to shoot them in all exposure modes). The F4 was discontinued in May 1997 and was replaced by the Nikon F5.
The F4 introduced many Nikon owners to autofocus (as well as focus tracking).
As a fully electronic camera with motorized film transport (up to 5.7 frames per second), it required one of three available bottom-mounted battery packs to operate, using standard AA or rechargeable cells. For the first time on a Nikon SLR, two of those battery packs also offered an additional vertical shutter release button and grip for using the camera vertically.

– Shutter: [P], [PH], [A] mode: 30 – 1/8,000 sec. [S], [M] mode: 4 – 1/8,000 sec. + Bulb
– Exposure modes: Programmed auto-multi, shutter-priority auto, aperture priority auto and manual.
– Exposure metering: Matrix metering, centre-weighted metering (60/40) and spot metering.
– Autofocus: TTL phase difference detecting method
– Shutter: Electro-magnetically controlled vertical-travel focal plane shutter; shutter balancer incorporated
– Mirror Lock-up
– Multi-Exposure
– Viewfinder: Nikon Multi-Meter Finder DP-20 Pentaprism
– Power (F4e with MB-23): 8x AA-type alkaline or NiCd batteries
– Flash synchronization: 1/60 to 1/250 sec.

Please take a close look at the pictures.

Price: 490CHF
Shipping Switzerland: 16CHF
Shipping International: Max. 52CHF
Status: Available