Nikon F, Photomic FTN, Body (CLA’d)

Cleaned SLR camera in [Excellent-], tested and fully working condition.
Comes with The Photomic FTN lightmeter prism, a body cap and strap.

The camera was fully serviced (CLA) by ACR.

Work that has been done:
– Winding mechanism cleaned and lubricated.
– Shutter mechanism cleaned and lubricated and speeds calibrated.
– Slow speed escapement cleaned and lubricated.
– Light seals replaced
– Light meter checked and is accurate
– General clean and check.

The camera is tested with film.
Shot with a Nikkor 50mm f1.8 AI.
Scroll images for examples.

The camera has some signs of use.
Small scratches and marks. Manly on the base plate.
Small dents in the base plate.
Small dents in the base plate.
A little patina.
Normal dust in the viewfinder. Tiny marks on the focusing screen.
Very clean inside with new light seals and mirror damper.

We grant 3 month warranty on this camera.

The Nikon F camera, introduced in April 1959, was Nikon’s first SLR camera.
It was one of the most advanced cameras of its day. Although many of the concepts had already been introduced elsewhere, it was revolutionary in that it was the first to combine them all in one camera. It was produced until October 1973 and was replaced by the Nikon F2. The „F“ in Nikon F was selected from the term „re-f-lex“, since the pronunciation of the first letter „R“ is not available in many Asian languages. That tradition was carried all the way through their top line of Nikon cameras until the introduction of the Nikon D1 (digital) cameras decades later.
The Nikon F was the first 35 mm SLR system to be widely adopted by professional photographers, especially photojournalists covering the Vietnam War, as well as for use by NASA astronauts.
The Nikon F revolutionized the photographic market, stealing the thunder of German manufacturers Leica and Zeiss. The F had a reputation for being extremely resilient to damage or mechanical failure, becoming known as „the hockey puck.“

Please take a close look at the pictures.

Price: 480CHF
Shipping Switzerland: 12CHF
Shipping International: Max. 47CHF
Status: Available