Minolta Riva Pico Zoom w/Bag

Cleaned zoom camera in [Excellent+], tested and fully working condition.
Comes with the original bag and strap.

There are almost no signs of use.
Tiny scratches and marks.
Normal dust in the viewfinder, sensor and flash.
Very clean inside with good light seals.
No fungus, no fog, no scratches and almost no dust inclusions in the lens.

The Minolta Riva Zoom Pico is a point-and-shoot camera. It was introduced by the Japanese company in the 90s.
The zoom Lens range is from 38mm to 60mm. The widest aperture is f/4.3 (38mm) and f/6.4 (60mm). The closest focusing distance is specified at 60 cm for this lens.
It can be used with films with a sensitivity of ISO 25 to ISO 3200. The 35mm photo camera determines the correct film speed via the DX code. Depending on the sensitivity, the camera technology automatically sets the aperture and shutter speed automatically.
The built-in flash provides enough light. With ISO 100 filming, it reaches up to 4.2 meters. The camera is equipped with an automatic mode for reducing red-eye on the pictures. In addition, there is a mode for a fill-in flash and a mode for portrait shots with flash at night. However, the flash can also be turned off.
The photo camera has a built-in self-timer and a thread for a tripod. The camera weighs 240 grams. The dimensions are 13.2 x 7 x 4.3 cm. The power source of the camera is a CR123A

Please take a close look at the pictures.

Price: 89CHF
Shipping Switzerland: 9CHF
Shipping International: Max. 37CHF
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