Leica M4 Body (CLA’d)

Cleaned rangefinder Camera in [Excellent+], tested and fully working condition.
The Camera was fully serviced and checked by ACR (CLA’d)
The Serial Number is 1177434 (Made in 1966)

Comes with:
– Leica camera strap.
– Body cap.
– Leica M4 brochure.
– Flash connector covers (made out of brushed stainless steel)
– Leica Soft release button (made out of stainless steel)

The camera is tested with film.
Scroll images for examples.

There are just a few signs of use.
Small scratches and marks. Mainly on the base plate.
There is a small dent in the top cover.
Very clear and cleaned viewfinder with almost no dust inclusions and adjusted rangefinder.
Very clean inside with new lightseals.

We grant a three months warranty on this camera.

The Leica M4 is a legendary rangefinder camera produced from 1966 – 1972 b Ernst Leitz GmbH. in Germany.
Based on the Leica M2, the Leica M4 has some new features like 4 frames in the viewfinder for the four focal lengths 35/50/90/135mm. For the first time, the rewind knob was replaced by a diagonally mounted crank and a new type of quick-loading system was used to enable film changes even under difficult conditions without removing a spool. Furthermore, the shape of the rapid advance lever was changed.
A total of almost 60,000 cameras were produced, of which about 9,000 were painted black and later also chrome-plated black. The rest of the production was delivered with a light chrome finish.

Please take a close look to the pictures.

Price: 1980CHF
Shipping Switzerland: 12CHF
Shipping International: Max. 52CHF
Status: Available