Konica pop w/Bag

Cleaned point and shoot camera in [Good], tested and fully working condition.
Comes with the original leather bag, strap and lens cap.

Scroll through the pictures to get an impression.
They are shot with another Konica pop.

There are signs of use
Scratches and marks. A lot of patina on the backdoor.
Almost no dust in the viewfinder, sensor and flash
Very clean inside with new light seals.
No fungus, no fog, no scratches and normal dust inclusions in the lens.

The Konica Pop (marketed as C35 EFJ in Japan) was a very popular 35mm compact camera by Konica, made from 1982. It has fixed focus, one shutter speed, and manual film advance and rewind. There is an ‚ISO selector‘ which is basically an aperture selector.
It has CdS-based low-light warning LED and a retractable built-in flash powered by a pair of AA cells.
The camera was available in black finish as well as a palette of body colors, including yellow, red, blue, aqua, green, lime, pink, khaki and silver. After selling 1.5 million models, a major revision was made in 1985 and a new color scheme of metallic silver was added to the line.
These late editions did not have bear the „Hexanon“ mark on the lens, possibly suggesting relaxed standard about optical quality.

– Lens: 36mm f4 lens in 4 groups and 4 elements, fixed barrel in all groups.
– Fixed focus, hyperfocal point at 2.8m, focus range 1.5m to infinity.
– Behind-the-lens shutter, 1/125s fixed speed.
– Manually-set ISO 100, 200 or 400.
– Aperture is set automatically in the range f/4 – f/16 in full stops, depending on ISO and flash settings.
– Bright Albada-type viewfinder with low light indicator, field of view markers, and parallax compensation markers (to be used around 1.5m).
– Built-in pop-up flash with charge indicator lamp.
– Plastic tripod mount.
– Dimensions: 116x70x47mm.
– Weight: 270g without batteries.
– Power: 2 AA batteries (for flash).

Please take a close look at the pictures.

Price: 140CHF
Shipping Switzerland: 9CHF
Shipping International: Max. 37CHF
Status: Sold