Konica Hexar AF w/FotoStrobo Box

Cleaned camera in [good] and fully working condition.
Comes in a customiced  FotoStrobo Box with lens cap, strap,  manual (german) and the HX-14 Flash.
The Camera is tested with film.
Unfortunately I am not allowed to use the images. So I added images that I took with another Konica Hexar AF.

The camera definitely has signs of use. It looks used.
A lot of scratches and patina around the whole body.
Two bigger dents on the top side.
Dents on the lens hood.
Dust in the viewfinder and sensor.
Very clean inside.
There are three very small scratches on the lens.
I could not detect any influence on the image quality
No fungus and almost no dust inclusions in the lens.
The flash has also some scratches and signs of use.

“what a stealthy camera with a fast and silent auto focus and an outstanding sharp lens”

Please take a close look at the pictures.
You can make the pictures bigger by right-clicking on „show graphic”.
Please read this.

Price: 670CHF
Shipping Switzerland: 11CHF
Shipping International: Max. 45CHF
Status: Sold