FotoStrobo Leather Pouch (large)

The FotoStrobo leather pouch for compact cameras.
It is a former leather pouch from Tokina. I added a new cord and
a cord stopper for quick opening and safe closing.
With its leather outside and fabric inside it is a proper protection for your camera against hits, scratches, dust and rain.

This one is the bigger size and is perfect for cameras like:
Yashica T1-T5
Contax T2
Olympus Mju Zoom
Olympus AF-1
Nikon L35AF
Canon Demii

Almost every not too bulky or long compact will fit in this bag.

„I have been using mine for about 8 years and I like it much more than the original bags.“

Price: 35CHF
Shipping Switzerland: 5CHF
Shipping International: Max. 20CHF
Status: Available